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Bringing senior managers onboard is an expensive and risky business. So reaping a fast return, measured in business benefit whilst increasing retention prospects is imperative. Our 3 month programme, that begins before day one in role, ensures immediate payback and helps individuals hit the ground running.

We don't identify star swimmers by throwing them in the pool and seeing if they sink or swim; we teach them to swim, coach them, and then let their performance speak for itself. What approach do you take with your team?

Transitions are times of change in life, transformations from one state or situation to another. For some the transition may be to the next more senior role, for others returning to work after maternity/paternity.

Job transitions are periods of opportunity but also a time of acute vulnerability. If you fail to build momentum and credibility in the first three months you face at best an uphill struggle and at worst the end of a promising career. With stakes so high planning transition is imperative to avoid failure. First 90 day coaching gets new leaders to a point of value creation up to three months earlier than the standard.


"Having the opportunity to work with Sarah has made a significant difference in my transition from public to private sector, and also in developing skills I never knew I had. Working with Sarah has meant I have become operational in my new role much faster than expected and has provided me with a number of techniques that I continue to utilise. " Emma Croft - Project Leader GlaxoSmithKline

"The 4 sessions guide you through the first 90 days in smaller chunks rather than just saying 'the first 90 days are important and here's a book for you to read. ...in turn, this forces me to think about new starters going forward, and how they adapt/are welcomed /develop" Tony Holdway - Director of Marketing Woolworths plc

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