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At Coaching Lane we work with individuals and teams to help them discover and build on their own natural leadership styles. We design programmes and interventions that address the tensions and paradoxes that all leaders must contend with and hold.

We challenge leaders to be the best that they can be. Leaders need more than ‘yes men’, who keep them stuck in their own versions of what is real. They need challenge and alternative choices so that eventual agreement is much more relevant to the needs of their circumstances.

This picture of my descent of dune 45 in Namibia reminds me of the nine teams driving their pre 1970 VW Beetle's across some pretty severe terrain in a race across Southern Africa. We would not have made it had we not each known when to step up and lead and when to sit back and follow - one of the most powerful skills of any leader in life or business.

How much will your performance improve once you understand your own and your teams leadership styles?

Defining leadership cannot be done objectively. Some believe that leaders are identified by their status or role in an organisation, others may say that it is about gravitas and style. One thing however is indisputable – leaders need followers – and often great leaders are also followers themselves. True leaders set the example and show how to be a good follower. They understand that it is a fundamental part of the human condition to learn through what we see, hear and feel around us. From childhood we mimic, instinctively this is how we learn, not through being told or given instructions.


"Sarah has been very effective, encouraging the creation of new ideas and actions with well-judged questions and just the right amount of challenge. Her approach provides systematic, clear and tailored support for personal development." - Jeremy Small, Group Company Secretary Axa UK plc

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