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For us at Coaching Lane coaching is about unlocking a person's potential to maximise their performance. We believe results for you and your business, flow from personal results.

Our coaches have proven expertise in working with Main Board Directors, Chief Executives, Senior Managers and entire Leadership and Management teams across the private and public sector.

Whether you want to enhance your performance, for instance by building self-confidence for presenting or to resolve old issues and leave them behind, one to one coaching can help make the changes you desire.

"If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse: however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that" Goethe

"There is no man living that isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can do" Henry Ford

We understand that meaningful change occurs over a period of time. Human beings are multi faceted by nature, so to achieve lasting change we take a holistic approach and work with the whole person. Leaders and managers are real people with real lives and our confidential solutions embrace this enabling them to enhance their performance.

Coaching unlocks the human potential that could transform your organisation. Realising the full potential of managers to create a proactive, outcome orientated culture which enables people to deliver outstanding, sustainable results.


"Sarah has had a great impact on my career. She has a wonderful way of enhancing your thinking to bring out the very best in you. She does this in such a way that, despite the focus it requires, it feels almost effortless. The challenging goals I had hoped to meet as a result of being coached by Sarah have been surpassed, so I'm continuing to seek her valued support, and recommend her to others wanting to grow professionally and personally. " Martyn Dicker, HR Manager, British Red Cross

"Sarah Lane is an exceptional coach and facilitator. She knows instantly how best to respond to a client's needs, being able to effectively adapt her style to ensure the individual or situation achieves the key objectives. Her listening, questionning skills and virtual toolbox of frameworks, techniques, strategies accelerates learning and performance, delivering a high return on investment. Sarah brings an unique blend of positive energy, business acumen, creativity and extensive coaching experience thus stands out by far as a highly reputable executive and development coach. " Sam Bidwell, Director for Diversity at American Express

"I just wanted to say thanks for our session in O2 2 weeks ago. It must have worked as I got the job!!! Honest I had this over whelming sense of inner confidence and I swear the session with you was a massive part of it!" Amy Taggart, Marketing at O2.

"I found our meetings thought provoking, stimulating and a pleasure to attend, I have certainly benefited from the coaching sessions and whether or not I achieve my goal of becoming an MD I feel better equipped today to work in my current role." Ian Tarran Engineering Director Arriva plc.

"Sarah's approach to coaching was very intuitive and relaxed. Sarah has the ability to quickly recognise personal style and preferences, which assists in building a rapport early on, which helps when she asks difficult questions!!" Emma Croft Project Leader GlaxoSmithKline

Sarah has a natural coaching style which is both consultative and empowering. She adopts a sophisticated approach which enables not only a highly tailored outcomes, but also the ability for self awareness to be built safely through the process. Working with Sarah inspired me to think differently about how I approach things, and enabled me to try new things with outstanding results. Louise Mason Head of HR, Telegraph Media Group

Sarah is a highly personable and approachable coach. With laser precision, she is a master at coaching executives to help them achieve outstanding professional results quickly. Sarah has a rare knack of understanding the subtleties of clients emotional as well as rational mind states and can navigate them both to bring enormously successful results. A rare star in the ever expanding coaching world. - Richard Murfitt - Head of Brand Strategy, O2 Telefonica

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