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At Coaching Lane we appreciate and understand the differences in individuals, teams and organisations. To best help you achieve outstanding results we first seek to understand your specific needs and then call upon our partners who are experts in their field to ensure that you get exactly what you need - every time.

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities - Stephen Covey.

Our partners are all qualified and experienced coaches who have business backgrounds and run their own coaching and development practices. The experience we draw upon and work with are in the fields of the theatre, science, finance, creativity, sales and marketing.

To explore how we may work together to match your needs to achieve outstanding results get in touch now.

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Write: theteam@coachinglane.com


"Sarah's understanding of team dynamics and change management helped our new team to gel and enabled us to understand how we can better work together. We came away from the day with a greater understanding of each other, and feeling more like a team rather than a group of individuals." Jo Butten Premier Foods

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