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About Us

Welcome to Coaching Lane, founded by Sarah Lane in 2007 after over 17 years of experience in business, most recently working in the field of leadership development and coaching within the corporate world. Coaching Lane specialises in coaching individuals and groups and in creating change through designing and delivering world class, bespoke leadership and team development programmes.

Our Philosophy

At Coaching Lane we believe in challenging others, and ourselves, to be the best they can be. We do this by bringing together the power of business experience, financial know-how and coaching expertise to deliver outstanding results that stick.

Our services include:-

Our Associates

For larger projects, Coaching Lane works with a core group of qualified and experienced coaches who all have business backgrounds and run their own professional coaching and development practices. This flexibility enables us at Coaching Lane to match the team to your specific needs to create outstanding results.

To explore how we may work together to match your needs to achieve outstanding results get in touch now.

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